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Welcome To Mike's Freetraffic Methods

Now I hope you have a comfortable seat because you are going to be here a long time
This site is the culmination of a whole years study on the methods available to the new or experienced marketeer to get exposure to their site
as without traffic you are going to have a tough time getting sign-ups for your programme or sales of your product
believe me,when I say that you have found the site that I wish I had many years ago. as you will see I have done the hard work for you and I bet you're surprised that it is all free many places will charge you a monthly amount for the information that is here
All I ask in return is that when you join all these programmes You will join under me so that I can help you further
I expect that there are methods here that you will know nothing about and as they say you didn't even know you didn't know
that's fine,I hope you will bookmark this page and drop in often and increase your knowledge and I hope you will see your results in increased Website Traffic and Internet Income.

Ok,Lets get started ,Now I'm assuming that you were like me ,had a personal site with pictures of the mrs,kids,car and the garden ,maybe bought and sold a few things on E-bay and now you would like to get a piece of the multi billion dollars that you hear people are making on the net
A word of warning some clever marketeers on the net prey on the assumption that every one looking to make money are

  • Greedy
  • Ignorant
  • Lazy
    and will offer you a programme that will make you a millionaire in a week using a 2x6 rollunder matrix which will build your downline for you without you lifting a finger and it will cost only $99.

    We've all seen them and like you I have been caught out looking for the easy way.
    I'm sorry to tell you that you will be wasting your money ,what's the good of a downline that you have no contact with.
    How much better it is to turn a e-mail Address into a friend by offering ,help,advise, time, & knowledge to gain their trust this is the most certain way of making an income on the web .As believe you me thereIS a truckload of money to be made when the correct knowledge is applied to the right programme.with the right people
    All these methods here rely on your input which is neccessary for strong,steady growth . some more than others.

    The first thing you should do is join me in Ibotoolbox,If you have no funds to advertise your programme ,this is the place you need ,with an active forum of internet marketers it's a great place to be and you get free credits to advertise your banners I can't recommend them enough.

    This site has buttons on the top and side just click one you like the sound off
    or if you like you can follow my instructions .

    To get you started
    ViralInbox-This is probably the easiest as you just open a new inbox for any new list
    the clever thing is as you open emails you are awarded credits and these credits are then automatically used to show your link to your site on the inbox of anybody else who is using it it any where on the planet ,its very useful and brilliant find out more by clicking this banner and joining me ,It's free to join!
    Now be very careful of this word 'Free' as some programmes will take your card details and remove cash if you don't cancel in time.
    No Problem with this, this is realy FREE. but you will be offered an option to upgrade to colour for $198 and as you have been referred by me I would get Half so if you want to ,you can ,if not choose 'No Thanks' and carry on with sign-up
    But I hope you can see that as you refer people to this programme it will be you who could get $99 paid to your Paypal  Or Alert pay (now Payza} Account .(Make sure you have both of these before you start)
    this is called 'Viral Marketing' & It's exciting when that happens.
    Once you have it ,go to your members area and follow the instuctions to get your link listed
    If you need help or have any questions let me know by clicking the 'Contact Me' button

    This site is owned by Frank Baur and I will be introducing you to more of his unique freetraffic ideas

    Let's Get Started with Traffic Exchanges